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The never ending project

September 12, 2005 By: bio Category: Geeky Stuff, General

It’s monday, and I don’t have to work again (yay, me!).

I took the week off to see if I couldn’t get some more paint applied to my house. So far, mother nature isn’t exactly cooperating with me.

We’ve got rain today. They’re saying it should be good again starting tomorrow and then rain again on friday. Guess I’ll have to get busy durring those days.

Other news:
I’ve been having issues with the server over-heating and locking up durring the last few weeks. I ordered a spiffy new case yesterday , the Thermaltake Tsunami VA3000SWA Silver All aluminum Modern Dream Tower.
Oooohhh... spiffy
I also ordered a 480watt Thermaltake power supply. That should pretty much do the trick. The parts should be here by the end of the week, so expect some server downtime on friday/saturday.

Spammers make me grumpy

September 10, 2005 By: bio Category: Geeky Stuff, General

Once again, I’ve been going through my refer spam, trying to makes my stats readable.

There seems to be a trend where sites are hitting your page in the hopes that you publish your stats (which I donít), so that their link will appear high in the list of referring pages, and they’ll either get a better google rank or some idiot will click on them.

I will not drive business you way, spammer tard.

So… if you run a php based site (ie, a blog, forum, etc), you can end this nonsense by using the No Refer Spam script.

Freaks and Geeks

September 06, 2005 By: bio Category: General

The long weekend was good!

Saturday and Sunday were dedicated to hooking up with the family. My mother came by on Saturday for a visit (she was in town for a wedding). On Sunday, my wife and I went to my cousin Debbie’s place for a family get-together BBQ.

Those are always interesting.

Monday was geek day. My friend Dan and his wife Kim came by because they wanted a blog and needed help setting it up. I installed wordpress for them, configured it, and walked them through how to use it. Of course, my damn server puked out in the middle of the config, so I had to drop the database and re-run the install.

After installing a custom template, they were up and running.

I also helped my friend Mike (of mrmoth fame) build a PC this weekend. Unfortunately, he lives in Kansas, so it was all over the phone. He got the hardware set up with very few problems (this was his first ever build) but we had massive headaches getting his OS to work. Thankfully, Mike is a very bright guy and is fairly technically savvy (and can listen and follow directions when we get into things he doesn’t know), so it wasn’t too bad.

And finally: today is the first day of school (so watch your damn speed in the school zones!). My kids played like they didn’t really care, but they were up early this morning to get ready.

Sadists… all of ’em!

September 01, 2005 By: bio Category: General

I’m pretty sure that anyone who wants to be a physical therapist does so out of a drive to cause pain to others. Sure… they could have become dentists, but that takes too long. Physical therapy is the quick path to legal torture.

I had my weekly “We will bend this until you beg for mercy” session today. It started like it always does, some friendly chit-chat, the “oh… why don’t you ride the stationary bike for a while” and then they coyly tell you to get out of your clothes and to put on those gym shorts.

Let the games begin!

They began with the ultrasonic massage… that’s not too bad. Then the deep tissue hand massage… again, not too bad. Then, when I was all relaxed and feeling pretty good about myself, she grabs my damn leg and hoists it to the sky.


Hoist one leg until I scream… hold it there until you can see the veins in my forehead pulse like a rabid weasel, then relax it! When the first leg goes numb, grab the other one! Repeat until you make me pass out.

I seriously doubt that I’ll be able to get out of bed tomorrow.