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Name the kitty!

September 27, 2005 By: bio Category: General

My wife called me from the animal shelter last night. She wanted to pick up a new kitten to help fill the void in our home by the untimely demise of our cat, Darwin.

Of course, I said “yes”.

When I got home from work, I was greeted by this little fuzzball:

Cute and fuzzy...

... and ready to tear your hand off

She’s very energetic and has a few extra toes (a total of 7 on each foot). Of course, we are now searching for the perfect name for her. I suggested “SATA” and “RAID”, but my wife put the smack down on me with the geek names (besides, I’ve already had cats named “Modem”, “Icon”, and “Switch”).

So… have at it… suggest names for the little tube rat. If we like it and choose it, you’ll get your name in lights on the website for at least 30 seconds 🙂

11 Comments to “Name the kitty!”

  1. miftah says:

    Seven is it? Inside ze forum, you said she had six! Did she grow more this afternoon? I left more options for you in the forum. You know, the place where replies are easily entered and read.

  2. Thats a cute cat. In light of all those extra toes, you might consider “Hanford”. “MutantMax”, or “Clawdeous Maximus” as appropriate names.

  3. My wife corrected me with the number… it is seven (I haven’t counted them yet but will tonight).

    And “Hanford”… now that’s friggin’ funny! 🙂

  4. Seestore says:

    I still say “Lucy Furr” is the perfect name.

  5. jeanne says:

    I think Digit would be appropriate.

  6. Ok, so totally found your website through Google Images. Imagine that. Anyway, considering that your cat has seven toes, and Google turning seven…I think you should name new furball “Seven”. *shrug*

  7. PsychoDucky says:

    I like Seven…seems like a good name. Oreo was a good one too…very common.

  8. That’s two votes for Seven. 🙂

  9. The wife is cool with Seven, Digit, and Oreo.

    Ultimately, it’s her decision (I, as a husband, have no say… and I know it :-)).

    I’ll post the final decision once it’s made.

  10. BuggZZZ says:

    Seven or Seven of Nine is still my vote…

    “Please, make it Seven, Mrs. Bio, Please!”

  11. BuggZZZ says:

    Mebbe when I am addressing your family, I will call myself something Go’auld-ish 😉