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Overkill gets a new home

September 18, 2005 By: bio Category: General

As you may recall from the time of lore, this little website and the others I host were living on a little server I had named “Overkill”, an HP Netserv LH3 with dual PIII 600 processors, an 8GB system drive, six 18GB SCSI drives in a RAID-5 array, dual NIC’s, and redundant power supplies.

You can see why I named her Overkill.

Of course, Overkill developed a problem (it can’t seem to keep track of the damn time and would lose 3 minutes per day) so it was to be replaced with Woody (the current server).

When I was asking for donations, the deal was that the person who gave the higest dollar amount could have Overkill. Of the two people who donated $100 to the cause (*sniff* I love them), neither wanted the server, so it’s been sitting in my house collecting dust for about a year.

Someone finally said they wanted her to use as a file server in their home.

Today, I opened up the box, blew out a few years worth of dust and cat hair, and fired her up. Of course, she had blown her SCSI array when I shut her down last, so I have to wait for that to rebuild. Then I can scrub the box, install Ubuntu, and find someone who’s willing to help me lift all 225 pounds of her and haul her up the stairs and into my car for delivery tomorrow.

Overkill... thank you for all you did for me!

1 Comments to “Overkill gets a new home”

  1. A suggestion for the new owner – if they link into an NTP server that gets its time off an atomic clock – no problem!