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Upgrade a go-go

February 25, 2005 By: bio Category: General

I’ve been an upgrading fool this week.

First I upgraded all the forums on my server to the latest and greatest build (so we didn’t have a repeat of this crap), then I decided to get to work on the ol’ blog.

WordPress released a new version of this bad boy and I was ready to brave the waters and attempt an upgrade.

Oh man… do I have work ahead of me!

Apparently, I need to heavily modify my CCS from the old site (as you can see the right column isn’t to the right… it’s at the bottom of the page). I also had to rewrite my Load-Dump blocker (this makes it much harder for a spammer to automate the process of filling my blog with his/her special blend of shit).

Ugh… I’ll keep on it.

2 Comments to “Upgrade a go-go”

  1. I was on it, found it, and crushed it like the bug it was.

    Apparently, someone hard coded <H2> tags around the link catagories section of the ‘get_link_lists’ function in links.php.

    I removed the <H2>’s and it’s a beautiful thing again.

  2. More issues found!

    It’s not placing the footer.php at the bottom of the page when you view comments.

    I’ll look at that when I get home (which will be in about 30 minutes).