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Caffeine, the 100% natural replacement for sleep

February 25, 2005 By: bio Category: General

I’m currently running on just a few hours of sleep in the past 48 hours, so if this comes out fuzzy, you’ll understand.

After getting off work this morning (I worked a full day yesterday and then the graveyard shift last night), I stopped by the motorcycle dealer to check the status on my wife’s bike.

For those who aren’t following along: we purchased a Suzuki Intruder 1400 (now known as the Boulevard S83) for her last July. During the winter, we’d start it and my motorcycle up once a week and let them run for about 10 minutes. At some point, her bike must have gotten very, VERY hot, because the first 6″ of her forward cylinder exhaust pipe turned the ugliest blue you’ve ever seen.

We took it to the dealer to see what they could do. The ran it through every test they could think of… checking the carbs, doing a compression test (to check for a stuck valve), checking oil pressure throughout the system, etc.. They couldn’t find anything wrong with it so they called Suzuki to see if they could warranty out the pipe.

Suzuki said “no”.

Suzuki did, however, suggest a product that would remove the bluing from the pipe (I didn’t catch the name) and the dealer went to the local Harley shop to get it (I guess this is a big Harley issue). They totally cleaned the pipe up and aren’t charging us a dime.

<insert love here>

I decided it would probably be a good idea to pick up the extended warranty and paid them the $630 for an additional 3 years (which kicks in when the factory 1 year warranty expires). This will keep the bike covered till July of ’08.

Other News:
There is no other news. My life is but a shallow puddle of viscous fluid. It smells bad too.

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  1. Painted says:

    Well get some sleep and hope you feel better. Hopefully the son and his friend will be quiet and nice so you can get some sleep.