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The days of honor are over

February 23, 2005 By: bio Category: General

I’ve purchased a lot of stuff at BestBuy over the years, but those days are over.

After having a couple of issues with them in the past, then watching two friends get screwed over by them, I think it best to part ways.

I present to you: Exhibit A, Exhibit B.

It used to be that when you purchased a product from a company, they stood behind it. Now, that only seems to be the case if you pay them for an extended warranty (and in the case of Exhibit A, that won’t even help).

If you’re looking for computer parts, shop newegg. If you’re looking for a whole computer and don’t feel like ordering the parts and building it yourself, call Dell.

At least they stand behind what they sell, and you don’t have to pay them extra to do it.

7 Comments to “The days of honor are over”

  1. Gee, maybe BestBuy should start selling cars too.

  2. I agree. Best buy is the devil. When I was just a wee lad still in my parent’s home, I got a brand new Radeon 6000. I was so happy! Not allowed to install it myself I took it to best buy to install. When I got my computer back, My CD ROM was disconnected and I was missing 128MB of RAM.

    Last year, a friend asked me to look at a computer her computer. She took it to best buy to have a DVDRom installed to go along with an existing CDRW. When she got it back neither drive worked. I checked it out and found that they were both set to master and the drives were in the wrong order. Believe me, when I hear one of they’re sales people talking I just want to punch them in the head and tell the poor customer that I’ll make them a computer to spec for 500 less than than they can get it from there.

    Not to mention, you can get all your parts cheaper at through pricewatch.com, newegg.com, and tigerdirect.com.

    Sorry for the rant. You touched a nerve.

  3. I know we have made all of our customers mad. Well la tee dah to you all. We dont care and go blow it out your beep…….. we are bigger than all of you and have more money too, so go to newegg its our newest division and soon we can just screw you there as well. And agin thanks for shopping at best buy!

  4. I appreciate your rant, Joey. Iv’e seen that kind of crap from a lot of computer stores, but it’s no suprise to see it from BestBuy.

    Building your own machine is always the best way to go if you have the knowledge. If you don’t… find someone who does, but expect to learn.

    I don’t build computers for other people any more unless we have a VERY CLEAR understanding that there will be no tech support later. Do not call me at 4 am because you got an error 404 on the web (this happend to me).

  5. Hey Agent 007, does your dad know your on the ‘puter that late at night? We know Best Buy could care less as there are millions of sheep out there that will continue to shop there cause they don’t know any better. But if these experiences can save anyone the stress of dealing with them then it’s worth it. And Newegg.com a part of Best Buy…? Highly unlikely, they actually have good customer service skills.

  6. Um… Agent 007 doens’t work for Best Buy. He’s just a dork 🙂

  7. LOL Bio !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉 sorry he is 100% correct :)………………..!