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The greatest thing since sliced bread

December 30, 2004 By: bio Category: General

One of the gifts I got for Christmas is a Lexar Jumpdrive Secure 1GB usb drive.

1 gb of data in a tiny little package - sweet!! I can’t go on enough about how handy this is! I work in a NOC (network operations center) which is set up with two mutually exclusive networks (production and local). Transfering files, ghost images, etc. is now a breeze! It’s way faster than uploading to another server and downloading again or burning a CD. This thing saves me massive time!

I’ve been trying to convince my boss that she should buy us each one for use at work (leaving mine for storing and moving porn at home).

I don’t care for the “secure” part of the drive (which is nothing more than an autorun.ini file and a folder with an application sitting in it). I’m going to see if I can remove that from the drive without making it useless.

In other news… we’re preparing for our New Year’s Eve bash at Casa de Toné. I’ve got a 17lb prime rib to coat in salt and slow bake (so people better get their asses over or I’ll be eating beef for the next month!). We will be having a Risk marathon (because it’s not a game, it’s a religion in my house).

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