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Thank you, Brazilian Spammers!

December 21, 2004 By: bio Category: General

I’ve spent the past good many hours cleaning crap up after those rocket scientists in Brazil decided to turn my server into so much trash.

Around 4:30 yesterday… every .php, .html, .htm page became exactly like this. This was caused by the NeverEverNoSanity WebWorm released by those damn spammers.

I updated the whole damn box, php included and spent the rest of the day cleaning up with help from an older backup (some of the kids I host who’s sites aren’t database driven may have to re-upload their stuff).

I did find the IP address where the files originated from and reported it to it’s ISP. I also made a report with the FBI in their Cyber Crimes department. Not that any of this will do any good.

Anyway… we’re live once again (though if you live in the country of Brazil, you’ll never know, because I blocked your whole damn country from being able to access this server).

Huge damn thanks to the following people for all their help with this:
Eve at ms-geek.net for all the helpful info
Jam at delcambres.com for alerting me it happened
Jester at linuxpunks.org for everything! I owe you soooo much!

5 Comments to “Thank you, Brazilian Spammers!”

  1. BIO RULES!!!!

  2. Yeah… whatever.

    If it wasn’t for you, Jester, I’d have a $2,000 paper weight right now.

    I love you!

  3. Renee says:

    I’m just so glad you guys love your hobby!

  4. Yeah that sucked. i like how you just blocked ALL OF BRAZIL, thats damn funny 😀

  5. baldy says:

    Glad to see everyone back again …. the offer of unaenethsetized surgery on their legs, without surgical tools still applies, wont help things recover but it will feel damned good! 😉